SC Team- Stephen Douglas

Stephen is the mind behind the technological gold rush domains, or what he coined, “Future Trend Domains™”. He is a world-renowned author, philanthropist, producer, composer and one of the few experts on domain name appraisals. Called the “Maverick” by some well-meaning but misguided domain industry reporters, he introduced the first domain investor UI in 2005 for Bulkregister, which was rapidly copied by most of the largest domain registrars, such as GoDaddy, Enom,, Moniker, TrafficZ and several others. He was the first domainer to successfully bring together the four most powerful domainers in the world, including Frank Schilling and , when he was the Executive Producer for the DomainRoundtable Conference in Seattle, Washington in 2007. Best known for not being a timid sort, of course we can even doubt that he himself is not writing this glorious bio. His philosophy, “Some will love you, some will hate you, and some don’t even know you. Your best bet is to make sure you never betray the first group.” With, he has chosen the best of the domain industry to work to make domains work the best for any company today and far into the future. Victor, Mikey, Jothan, and Cherry are among the most qualified domain consultants in the world. What we love about Stephen is he works very hard to bring total success to all those involved with the best ROI platform in the world, domain names.


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