Evaluation / Appraisals

Successclick is one of the longest running domain industry companies, with “successes” in every aspect of handling the valuation and growth of domain investments.

We have evaluated millions of domains by using experienced domain experts, (never any online auto-evaluator algorithm), and have appraised tens of thousands of domains and reaching near identical sales prices on our appraisals.

Our ability to save money for domain portfolio owners was established in 2005, where several clients with thousands of domains in their portfolio were saved tens of thousands of dollars after hiring Successclick to evaluate which domains would most likely never sell. In today’s constantly rising domain renewal costs, filtering out those domains from your portfolio can make the difference of your ROI being a mess at the end of the year, to being a well-maintained package of some of the best domains available.

An evaluation of your domains consists of our company eyeballing your domains purely on grammatical structure, type of characters involved (alphanumeric breakdown), whether plural or singular, and other factors.